LifeAfter MOD APK 1.0.141 free (Unlimited/Unlocked) Download

Updated: 23 June 2019
Publisher: Netease games
Current Version: 1.0.141
Requirements: Android 4.0.3+
Genre: role playing
MOD Features: YES
Price: free
Size: varies with device

Lifeafter apk is a free role playing game for android & iOS devices and developed by NetEase Games. NetEase just released Life After (Free) which is set in a post-apocalyptic universe where a virus has caused almost everyone to turn into zombies- In this world, the only way to survive is through mastering a surprisingly in-depth crafting system where you’ll be harvesting, collecting, and combining all sorts of materials to create all the tools (and structures) you’ll need to survive.

While you’re doing all your hunting and gathering to survive, you’ll be completing all sorts of other missions to try to make some sense of the zombie hellscape you’ve found yourself in. Interestingly enough, like a lot of zombie scenarios, zombies aren’t your only threat. It turns out humans can be pretty terrible too. When you meet other survivors, you really never know if they’re going to attack you and try to take your stuff, or offer you a new mission and a share of some loot. and unlike the zombies of the Walking Dead universe, these zombies actually move pretty quickly and are quite threatening- Particularly when you encounter larger boss-style zombies.

One really great thing that immediately stands out is when you start the game and create your character, you also get a customizable animal companion. You get to name your dog and everything, and this animal companion sort of works like having Dogmeat following you around and helping you out in a Fallout game. What’s really surprising about LifeAfter is that it’s free. we’ve been pleasantly surprised by how full-featured this game is. The crafting components are weirdly cool, and survival games are super in fashion right now so LifeAfter is pushing a lot of our buttons. Definitely check it out.


Link for LifeAfter MOD APK Download

You can download both file LifeAfter original apk or LifeAfter MOD APK file. You can also install from play/app store if you want but you will not find any mod file at the store so download it from here free.

LifeAfter for Android – 1.0.141 – PLAY STORE

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